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Important DOE 2016 Information

On October 12, 2007, the United States Department of Energy (DOE) published its “Energy Conservation Program for Commercial Equipment: Distribution Transformers Energy Conservation Standards, Final Rule.”

This ruling, commonly referred to as “DOE 2010: mandated efficiency requirements for liquid-filled and drytype distribution transformers manufactured for sale in the United States on or after January 1, 2010. Following publication of the rule, petitions were filed in the United States Courts of Appeals, and the DOE and petitioners entered into a settlement agreement to resolve the petitions. On April 18, 2013, a new ruling was published that raised the efficiency requirements above those published in the 2007 rule. This rule is commonly referred to as “DOE 2016” and has a compliance date of January 1, 2016.

Aside from increased efficiency requirements, DOE 2016 is similar to DOE 2010, including identical scope, compliance methodology and exceptions. Size, weight, and price increases resulting from the new efficiency standards will be design-dependent and will be determined based upon the changes between the existing transformer design and’ the new transformer design.

An important point of emphasis for commercial and industrial customers relative to the DOE 2016 rule, is that the efficiency increases between DOE 2010 and DOE 2016 for many dry-type transformers are substantially greater than the increases of corresponding liquid-filled transformers. This will likely lead to larger increases in the initial purchase price for certain dry-type transformers relative to liquid-filled alternatives.

While the efficiency increase for many dry-type transformers is greater than liquid-filled, the actual efficiency of liquid-filled transformers remains significantly higher, translating to lower losses and lower operating costs for liquid-filled transformers. In addition, because liquid-filled transformers operate at lower temperature rises, external cooling and HVAC costs can also be reduced. The transition to DOE 2016 is an ideal time to convert dry-type customers to liquid-filled transformers!

Eaton is currently in the midst of a company-wide effort to implement the modifications necessary for compliance to DOE 2016 for its Cooper Power™ series transformers. The target dates for transitioning quotes, orders, and production to the new efficiency standards are presented below.

Date / Milestone

06/01/2015  – Daily quotes requiring approval drawings will be DOE 2016 compliant

06/15/2015  – Daily quotes will be DOE 2016-compliant (No approval drawing required)

08/14/2015  Final date for acceptance of non-DOE 2016-compliant orders

11/13/2015   Final ship date for non-DOE 2016-compliant transformer designs

01/01/2016   Mandatory DOE 2016 compliance

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