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We want to help you better understand our products. Below are some of latest videos and demonstrations on lines we represent. If don’t see what you are looking for or you have any questions, please contact our office at (913) 981-0008.

4Dimension™ Strut System 4Dimension™ Strut System

Eaton’s B-Line Business 4Dimension™ strut system changes how installers build and install support systems for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, data centers, and HVAC in new and retrofit commercial and industrial applications. These revolutionary strut profile designs and innovative accessories help installers compress project schedules and cut costs without sacrificing load while increasing configuration flexibility. With fourĀ¬sided functionality, the 4Dimension strut system delivers up to 50% savings on materials and installation time.

For more information on Eaton’s B-Line 4Dimension Strut System, please contact your rep, Mark Bishop at (913) 981-0008 or email him at